Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blog Button

I would love to have you help me choose my blog button. You can see the contestants along the sides of the blog.

I would like to know which you think is the most eye catching - keeping in mind that although this will be on my blog - I want it to catch the eyes of those who see it on my friends blogs too!

When you leave your comment or email could you let me know whether you like the left or right side design the best and then which specific button is your favorite.

You can either leave me a comment or email me at


Joanna said...

I like the left-side design, as the Indiana outline gives a visual clue to what the button is for, without even reading. I like the border on the button as well, to give it more definition, rather than just bleeding into the page.

My vote goes with number 2 :)

Nikki said...

Joanna & Stacy -

Is the background color set? Because that will probably change my decision if the background color changes. I like Button number 3 because (I agree, the border makes the button pop out of the background instead of it bleeding in with the page). I like the type on that button because your eye goes straight to the site address and it is easy to read. I like the color of that border because it gives the border more contrast against the background color. I don't think there is enough contrast in the color on Buttons 2 and 4.

- Nikki

pagebert said...

I like button 6. I don't think the outline of Indiana is necessary because people in Indiana know what their state looks like and people outside of Indiana probably couldn't identify it (I live in CA, people here call them all "square states"). The second line is easier to read without the extra layer.

TMC said...

I think I like #2 best.

Thimbleanna said...

My vote goes with #2 also!

Auntie Librarian said...

The font for #2 is the easiest to read and the smaller .com is becomming more the norm - so your button can have a longer life by using this. Did she consider using something from Indianapolis instead of Indiana? Maybe an Icon from the city?
In all - #2 is the most eyecatching.

Dovey said...

I go with #6 for no other reason than that I love green, and I like the blue with it! The colors are stunning, look great with your site, and the border really defines it. I think the ones on the left are too "blah".

Virginia said...

I really like the concept behind the left side, but the colors are not as eye-catching as those on the right. Therefore my vote would be for #6, but just barely over #2. (The border helps to make it stand out and the font is easy to read and find.)

Dawn said...

I like #3--the colors are bold and eye-catching. :)

IndyCouponLady said...

I like number 6 it's simple. I need a button too how did you make it

Raise Them Up said...

This is hard. If I have to pick one "as is" I would go with 6, mainly because of the colors "popping" more and matching your blog brand, so to speak.

But that said, I like the design with the state out line (with shadow like in 2b), the smaller dot com (2) and the button border idea.

Can't wait to see you pick! :)

melly~ said...

i think i like the simple design of #6 best. for some reason that font isn't a favorite of mine but that's just personal preference.
have fun!

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